Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chickie Boy holds birthday party at Max's Scout Tuazon

Chickie Boy (Max's brand mascot) held its birthday party last  August 5.   I joined in the fun    at  Max's Scout Tuazon, along with the other bloggers.

The event gave us a preview of what to expect from a birthday celebration---the Max's way.

Each one of us were given a name tag, a party hat, plus a passport at the   registration booth.

The passport entitles to try out all the activity booths and a chance to win prizes after each completion. The Ruby Hall became festive as kids lined up for their turn at the game stations.

Each kid was given a DIY crown kit at the Princess Palace station, wherein the Princess and her Prince gamely posed for a photo.

In the same event, Max’s  introduced their kiddie party themes --- Princess Palace, Outer Space, Carnival and Super Racer.

Now, you can choose to give your little loves a  one-of-a-kind, fun and no-fuss birthday party starting at 15,000 pesos.

A Max's Premium Birthday Package has the following Amenities: 

• Three (3) hours use of venue 
• Mascot appearance 
• Use of party banner 
• Party room decor 
• Party host 
• Birthday themed cake
• Party kit giveaways / prizes

For more information on Max’s themed birthday celebrations, visit  https://www.maxschicken.com/

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Achieving a Mosquito-Free Environment

This month, Discovery uses its global reach to focus the world’s attention on the single greatest agent of death in modern human history: the mosquito. The global crisis is highlighted in the worldwide premiere of the upcoming Discovery Impact film MOSQUITO, Thursday, July 6th at 9:50pm, on Discovery Channel and Discovery Networks around the world.

In the Philippines, the rainy season has officially started and as much as we enjoy the cold weather, the wet season poses a potential threat in the form of dengue, a mosquito-borne disease which is usually seen during the rainy season. What could be seen as a minor bite from this tiny creature can be morefatalthan we think.

Recent news coverage around the globe has highlighted individual outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and Dengue.But there are still some safety measures we can take to stay healthy and make our homes clean, safe and mosquito-free:

• Dispose water regularly
Mosquitoes breed in standing water so find time to clean up your area and eliminate stagnant water inside and around the house.Clean containers that could possibly be a breeding nest for mosquitoes such as vases, pots, and basins.

• Apply mosquito repellent
Always remember that the most effective mosquito repellents are those applied to the skin other than the arm bands, necklace and strips you can attach to the body. Be protected by wearing good mosquito repellents especially when you go out of the house.

• Wear proper clothing Protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing longsleeves and pants especially when travelling or going out of town. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes asdisease-carryingmosquitoes are able to bite through this type of clothing.

• Watch your scent
Mosquitoes are attracted to old sweat, and not the fresh and odorless one that our body produces after exercising. Sweat begins to smell when mixed with bacteria, which creates some chemical compounds that entices mosquitoes.

• Keep yourself away from dirty water
Avoid getting near clogged gutters and flooded areas as these are commonly present during the rainy season.

• Plant mosquito-repellent herbs in your garden
Best to place plants like basil, citronella, lemon balm, and garlic in your garden. It will not just beautify your home but also keep the family away from mosquitoes as these plants drive mosquitoes away because of their smell.

• Spray good insecticides
Keep the neighborhood mosquito-free by spraying insecticides in the dark corners of the house. As much as possible try to spray insect repellent during daytime and use water-based sprays which are safe to humans and toxic-free.

About Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 100.8 million U.S. homes, in more than 220 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit www.discovery.com

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weber Grills are now available at True Value

The art of grilling has always been a far-fetched goal for us Pinoys who love “inihaw” foods.

This 2017, Filipino grillers and self-proclaimed food scientists can now rejoice, as True Value will be the premium dealer for the much awaited household brand for barbecue grills, Weber. The global innovation brand finally re-entered the Philippine market to grace every home with its latest state-of-the-art grilling equipment.

Last June 18, Weber invited Chef Nick Pang, Weber Grill Ambassador, to host a cooking activity at the Alabang Town Center.

Along with volunteers groups, he showed us that Weber grills are made not just for mouthwatering grilled steaks and barbeques. It can also be used to make pizzas and chocolate brownies!

With Weber, anyone can make their own parties at home! The art of grilling takes the Pinoys love for “inihaw” foods a notch higher!

What separates Weber grills from the rest is that it offers simple yet effective grilling solutions and systems that makes a beginner one good griller!

This will definitely cause a stir in our lifestyle and spark a new trend in the Food retail industry. Now head over to True Value and see the newest and latest Weber grills from the US; you’ll surely discover one that fits your home, lifestyle and needs. Various grilling basics ranging from barbecue tools,cookware, and grill accessories to smoking accessories and cleaning paraphernalia are also widely available in True Value stores, so be sure to make a visit and complete all the essentials for the ultimate grilling experience!

Get your Weber now!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Let BG Bridal Gallery assist you in your Wedding Day Countdown

Planning a wedding can simultaneously be the most exciting and the most stressful project any engaged couple will encounter in their lives. Are you worrying about all the things you’ll need to do and when? Purveyors of all things Weddings, BG Bridal Gallery is here to walk you through the process! Check out this guide from the BG Wedding Experts that will help make sure that your big day is everything you dreamed it would be.

12 months before

At this point, it’s time to envision your wedding and come up with a budget – and a planning team. It would be best if you have a wedding consultant to help you keep track of different items. You’ll also need to choose the wedding date and venue but don’t forget check with the officiant and your important guests before finalizing. Now would also be a good time to plan the guest list and try to involve your fiancé and your parents so there won’t be any last minute guests to accommodate.

10 months before

Now let’s think about the gown. Choose the dress that feels right for you and consider consulting with a professional couturier to recommend a design that will suit your body type. This is also the time to plan your reception - decide what kind of food and entertainment you want. A DJ or a band? A pianist perhaps?You’ll also need to think about the floral décor. Organize, research and book your wedding professionals. Interview the suppliers to ensure you get the the right people to work with for your special day. Lastly, register for gifts and do it with your partner so there would be an even say for the big day.

7 months before

It’s best to book ceremony musicians at this time to secure their schedule. Order bridesmaid dresses in line with your theme and wedding gown. And start planning your honeymoon! Book flights and hotels in advance to get the deals. Lastly send save-the-date cards. This is a particularly good idea if you’re planning to get married in a provincial destination.

5 months before

Shop for invitations in line with your desired theme and shop for wedding rings! By this time, your formal wear should already be ready and have your passport renewed or get one if necessary. It’s also time to choose your wedding cake. Do your research and book the designer that can create your dream cake.

3 months before

Order your wedding cake now to give the cake designer plenty of time to plan. For the bride, attend your bridal shower. For the groom, time to rent the men’s formalwear. Lastly, hire your wedding day transport. Are you into limousines? Go book one!

2 months before

It’s time to send out your invitations, write your vows and purchase gifts for your parents, to your attendants and to each other. Then book your stylist and try out wedding day hairstyles, and your make-up artist. It’s best to go for a trial run so you would know what look you’re comfortable with.

1 month before

30 more days to go! You’ll need a marriage license, so better check with the local bureau in the town you’ll wed. Have your final gown fitting and call all the bridesmaids to make sure they have their gowns ready for the wedding. If you have any last minute changes with your suppliers, you should be making them no later than at this point.

2 weeks before

Let’s review the final RSVP list and call the guests who hasn’t responded yet. Talk with your photographer and video team to give the must have shots for your wedding. Give your final requests to the DJ or bandleader. Lastly get your last pre-wedding haircut or color if you want to.

1 week before

Get the final headcount and contact the venue and caterer. Meet with all your suppliers and finalize arrangements. Plot the reception seating plan. Give the ceremony and reception manager a schedule of supplier delivery and setup times. Lastly, attend your bachelor/bachelorette party!

3 days before

Have your wedding gown pressed or steamed! For the groom, go for final fitting and ask your best man to make sure all the groomsmen is ready with their outfits. Discuss any last-minute items to your suppliers.

1 day before

Its a day before your wedding! Prepare your payments and give a person to contact to the wedding professionals in case of emergency. Rehearse your ceremony and have the setup of the ceremony site prepared. Give your license to your officiant. And lastly, have the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Day

Wedding bells areringing! Give your parents and each other the presents you have. Give the best man the role of handling the wedding band and the officiant’s fee envelope so he’ll be the one to give it after the ceremony. Have your maid of honor in charge of the reception. Now get ready to be wed!

Brides-to-be in Metro Manila now have access to stress-free wedding preparations as Bridal Gallery hosts the Bridal Bootcamp in its showroom on June 24, 2017 with sessions from 1:00pmto 4:00pm. Conducted by BG Wedding Experts, topics include Wedding Planning 101, Global Themes & Designs and Choosing your Bridal Gown. Interested brides can sign up through the Facebook Event page or send an email at info@bgbridalgallery.com. They can get access to stress-free wedding preparations, wide variety of themes and awesome promos with the BG Bridal Gallery Mobile App, available on IOS and for Android.

If you want your wedding day coordination and planning in good hands, join this month's BG Giveaway: #TheBestOfUs for a chance to have a free full day coordination for free! For more information about the giveaway, click this link.

For more information on BG Bridal Gallery and its latest promos and activities, they can visit the website at https://www.bgbridalgallery.com.ph and chat with the BG team or find BG Bridal Gallery on Facebook at facebook.com/bgbridalgallery and on Twitter and Instagram @BGBridalGallery.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ger Protection Safeguard with Germshield+ technology

If you think you can protect your family from diseases by using any kind of soap, think again. Wherever you go, bacteria abounds. Many of these bacteria are able to cause malodour, skin infection and diseases such as diarrhea, cough, colds and the like.

Worse, these bacteria are increasingly hardier, dirtier, and can multiply faster than you expect, therefore putting your family members at risk.

Consider these troubling facts about bacteria:

1. The number of bacteria that live in and on us outnumber our own human cells by ten to one.

2. Common cold, flu and stomach viruses can live on the fingertips for hours and can survive on the surfaces of objects for days.

3. 80% of all infections, from the common cold and flu to venereal disease and Ebola fever, are transmitted by people touching one another or touching objects that others have touched.

4. A shopping cart can contain more fecal E. Coli than a supermarket toilet.

5. One study found that in schools, water fountain buttons, pencil sharpeners, keyboards and faucet handles were the most contaminated objects with viruses.

6. Phones have been found to have up to 4200 bacteria from fecal contamination. Safe drinking water should have less than 1 bacteria per 100ml.

7. In an environment as humid as a bathroom, a single bacterial cell can multiply into one billion cells overnight.

8. When someone comes to work sick, about half of the commonly touched surfaces in the office will become infected with the virus by lunchtime.

In light of this disturbing data, it is imperative for all members of the household, especially children, to use the right kind of soap that can kill these germs effectively and prevent their regrowth.

Unfortunately, not all soaps are created equal. Experts have demonstrated that most soaps do not protect their family from modern day germ threats. Protection from germ threats begin with proper handwashing and bathing using an effective antibacterial soap like Safeguard.

Safeguard with Germshield+ technology can fight a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram-negative Moreover, Germshield+ technology inhibits the regrowth of these bacteria and fungi for up to 24 hours, thereby providing optimal protection.

For over 50 years in the Philippines, Safeguard has been recommended by the leading health experts for germ protection for the entire family. Encouraging proper hygiene, frequent handwashing, and the use the Safeguard will make your job as protector of the family easier and more effective.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chill with Dad on Father’s Day at Tim Hortons®

On June 18, take your dad to a Tim Hortons® in Uptown Mall and UN Mall branch and treat him to his favorite cold blend.

This weekend, spend it with dad and start Father’s Day with his favorite cold brew! Coose from Tim Hortons® Small Iced Capp Supreme blends to treat your dad on Father’s Day based on his personality and his favorite drink, coffee. It will surely put a smile on your dad's face.

Promo Mechanics:

1. Purchase any flavor of Small Iced Capp Supreme (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Mocha), and a Small Frozen Hot Chocolate on June 18, Sunday for a total of P200 only (single receipt purchase).

2. Promo is available in Uptown Mall and UN Mall branches only.