Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Polka Dotted Giveaway

What is your most prized possession? my cellphone. I can't leave home without it.
What is your definition of beauty? One's beauty is a reflection of how she values and projects herself to others
What Makeup item (brand and name of product) would you recommend to me? Maybelline Diamond Shine lipstick
What is your KIND of makeup item and why? I splurge on nail polish because I consider painting my fingernails as self-expression
A weird factoid about you - I'm a sucker for all chocolate-flavored food
What is the fondest memory of your childhood? Growing up in a farm and raising my own pig
Described yourself honestly - I'm a down-to-earth person, nice and easy to get along with
Tell me something I could do to improve my blog -- do post makeover pictures

Get to win this at--

by answering her questions. Contest runs until November 29th

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