Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heroes all around us

Here is my contest entry for Juan Country

I am doing these heroic deeds in 2010:

┼ I vow to "go green". I'll take the bus thrice a week to save up on gas and help conserve the our natural resources. Commuting will mean one less car emitting carbon dioxide into the air and contributing to global greenhouse effect.

I will look in recycling papers (reusing them will save trees from being cut down), segregate biodegradable (make compost pit out of it) from non-biodegradable trash (sell bottle, plastics and cans to junk shops and dispose of what's left properly).

┼ I will treat the elections "like my own". I will report to media whatever frauds I find during campaign periods and during the election day itself. This ensures that my vote will be protected.

┼ I will be a role model to my child, friends and relatives. I would like to leave a legacy of a happy home, unselfish love and untainted refutation to the future generations.

You can be a hero too. Heroic deeds need not be grand. You just have to find great delight and joy in doing what you feel in your heart is right. Share your three heroic contribution at and you might win a shirt.

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