Monday, July 19, 2010

Encouraging Kids

I joined the Private Iris contest at Manilamommy in which I replied to the questions:
In what aspects do you encourage your child to be unique and different? and
In what aspects do you encourage your child to follow others’ examples?

To develop individuality in my kids, I will teach them to think for themselves,
make good decisions, help them along as they establish their own identity. I will give them opportunities to express their opinions and in differing preferences no matter how diverse it may be. Focusing on their achievements no matter how small will give them confidence and courage not only to set high goals but also achieve them and use setbacks as opportunities for insight and growth. I will help them to
be realistic and accept the fact that they aren’t perfect at everything and they don’t have to be.

I will teach them about self-acceptance and appreciation of their own uniqueness. It is one of the greatest gifts any parent can give to their children! And as a parent, I would love to see my children reach out for a few planets and to capture a couple of stars!

On the other hand, I will encourage the to follow others’ examples in showing respect for other people, exhibiting appropriate behavior recognize right from wrong, and show love for their Filipino heritage. Young as they are, children learn through imitation. I will lead by example in showing good behaviors and by being positive around others.

I will praise good behavior by providing positive reinforcement. If they know that they will be praised their good behavior, then they are more likely to follow the boundaries set for them.

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