Thursday, February 11, 2010

WalterMart Cinema Movie passes to 10 lucky followers

At WalterMart, me and my love one get to bond and enjoy each other’s company. This mall has all the mall features we could possible think of to keep our day busy and exciting. With a 5-year old toddler in tow, good food, movies and arcades have become part of our Waltermart routine.

Winning the cinema ticket will be a good way to treat my partner as if she is royalty for a post-valentine celebration.

Win two (2) WalterMart Cinema Movie passes when you blog and share your answer to "At Waltermart, me and my love one ... " and post the URL HERE


  1. that's a nice thing to do

    Thanks for joining :)

  2. congrats! you are on of the winners, if you are near the area, I will be in WALTERMART around lunch today, you can pick it up there