Friday, August 20, 2010

My Memorable Experience as a Blogger

This is my official entry to Red's 1st Blogversary contest

I am a man of few words. And so when I started blogging, it was a means to convey my thoughts, emotions and experiences. To me, it was simply an electronic journal where I can relive things to the smallest detail.

Nowadays, blogging is by far my most beloved past-time. It opened up a whole new world. I have found it to be a money milking tool and a venue to win lot of prizes such as free movie tickets, concert tickets, invites to blog events and so on.

Here are some of the freebies I have won online:
Pininho Promo from Manila Shopaholic
Private Iris 6-month subscription and a Picture Company gift certificate worth 2,500 pesos from Manila Mommy
Gift Certificate worth 1,000 pesos from Robinsons Malls facebook
6 variants of Creamsilk conditioner from Mrs Martinez
Hotshots Flame-grilled Burger Meal promo worth 175 from Hit A Bargain

And how do I love attending blog events! These fun events usually offer free snacks or dinner to attendees aside from the promotional items that they give out. By mingling with other bloggers, I am able to widen my set of friends and network. The blogging network is really great for interactions and socializing.

For sure, blogging will remain one of the most popular activities in the Internet. Need I say more?

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