Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hands up for Georyl !

I always look forward to Gee's views and opinions as she tackle issues that affect the majority.

My favorite article written by Gee is "Support Charity Water" since water plays an essential role in our world, our lives, and our future. Water sustains life, and in bringing awareness to and conserving earth's freshwater supply, we will be able to prevent deaths, manage drought and water contamination.

Having access to potable drinking water will wipe-out all water-related diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery in our rural areas. Poor, substandard water quality always places a heavy burden on our health. It is a pity that in this modern age, access to quality drinking water is a privilege.

Since we place minimal economic value water, we don't transport it around the globe, like we do gas or oil. In my hometown, Nueva Ecija, deaths of children aged 1-5 years age old are directly attributed to diarrheal diseases and other water-related illnesses. The drinking water quality provision in our areas is really substandard. I hope that our government will step up investments in rural drinking water programs and help provide potable drinking water to the suburbs.

This is my official entry to BlankPixel's contest for my favorite sponsor's post.

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  1. hi cornelio. thanks for choosing to blog about my post. good luck to the contest!