Monday, November 8, 2010

Mizhelle's first ever giveaway

Join in Mizhelle's First Giveaway by December 10th to win one of the three prizes!

A special necklace prize for Philippine Bloggers will also be given to those who added Lira's Facebook Online Account

First Prize:
40$ Cash
10,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces on High PR Blogs

Second Prize:
20$ Cash
9,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

Third Prize:
10$ Cash
6,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

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1 comment:

  1. thanks for sharing. please check the following so i could immediately count your entries:

    - Subscribe to my other blog too via email (Up Now and Whats Next)
    - grab the giveaway badge too, ive seen u grabbed UPNW's badge. you may leave it and ill give +2 more entries for that but that's after completing the mandatory steps. thanks much!

    just inform me if you are done so i can count right away :)