Sunday, January 19, 2014

Muntinlupa curbs Illegal Gambling

17 videokarera machines were confiscated and eventually destroyed by the Muntinlupa Police and security forces last January 17, 2014 as Muntinlupa cracks down on illegal gambling.

After the regular flag ceremony, Mayor Jimmy R. Fresnedi led in the smashing of the videokarera machines ensuring that the motherboards were destroyed and rendered unusable.

Most of these machines are located close to schools, and this tempts students to wager and stake money in view of gaining more. Gambling blurs that thin line between need for money and greed. Gambling often leads to addiction wherein people end up losing great amounts of money with the greed of gaining more.

Once addicted to gambling, students start to cut their classes and spend their allowance on bets. Gambling leads students astray by spend time and money at the expense of their studies. It often results to thoughtless splurge of money and valuables.

Excessive indulgence in gambling can lead the gamblers towards crime.

As they continue betting, gambling can leave them in bankruptcy. The unquenchable thirst of profits makes them continue wanting more and betting more. Gambling exploits the poor.

“These machines only serve to distract our citizens, especially our youth, by forcing them to spend their money recklessly in gambling instead of using it for their own livelihood,” according to Mayor Fresnedi. “It may eventually contribute to harming Muntinlupe├▒os, which is why we want these machines out of our City.”

Owners of the confiscated videokarera machines were charged with illegal gambling and operating business without a permit.

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