Monday, January 20, 2014

Philips Soymilk Maker and Avance Juicer for fuss-free juicing

The trend in juicing has become a favorite among celebrities and TV personalities in helping keep their bodies in shape. While this new craze in juicing may come at a price, there is another way to join in to the path of being fit and healthy with Philips’ two offerings for juicing and soy milk making.

“There are many health benefits when it comes to juicing your own drinks. Freshly pressed juices from fruits and vegetables kick starts the body’s metabolism and is a good detoxification method to rid the body of chemicals,” comments Philips General Manager for Consumer Lifestyle, Ms. Angelia Oh.

Ms. Oh adds that on top of boosting your body’s metabolism and detoxification, juicing and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables on the same day ensures that your body gets the vital minerals and fibers it needs. For this purpose, Ms. Oh suggests two liquid diet options - the Philips’ Avance Juicer and Soy Milk Maker.

Healthy Drink Fix with Philips’ Avance Juicer

Make up to 2.5 liters of juice from the day’s freshest picks of fruits and vegetables with the Philips Avance Juicer. Ideal for those looking for a quick drink fix, this juicer lets you save time on pre-cutting food thanks to its XXL feeding tube. Whether for the toughest or softest of food, the juicer’s powerful 800 watt motor also provides two speeds of juicing options.

Aside from being able to make juice in a snap, the Philips Avance Juicer is designed for easy cleaning thanks to its innovative quick clean sieve and pulp collector for easy disposal. Moreover, its spout accessory directly juices straight to the glass, so you’re ensured that you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.

Soy Milk in a Snap with Philips Daily Collection Soy Milk Maker

Fresh and delicious soy milk is now within reach with the Philips Daily Collection Soy Milk Maker. Designed to efficiently cut soy beans, the Philips Daily Collection Soy Milk Maker is equipped with a unique blade with streamlined ribs in its housing to finely cut and grind beans.

To easily enjoy your fresh soy milk, the Philips Daily Collection Soy Milk Maker also has its own filtering system that pours down milk without stirring thanks to its specially designed sieve. In addition, the Philips Daily Collection Soy Milk Maker lets you choose from four programs for dry and soaked soymilk, five grain soymilk, rice paste and fruit and vegetable juice to make healthy drinks in an instant.

“Filipinos place high importance in the essence of family, and through this meaningful innovation by Philips, we hope to bring families closer together through keeping fit by living and eating healthy. Juicing and drinking more liquids may be a trend, but it’s one of those trends that will benefit us in the long run,” concludes Ms. Oh.

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